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Stupid Marketing: Vulva Cologna

That is a new fragrance for women, ok.



A New and Irresistible Vaginal Scent … :) WTF?






The Product:
Well, it looks like women in Germany do need to … “to feel juicy erotic” … and to PRESERVE the intimate scent ! :P Yes, the scent is the original scent of a vulva! :?

The Company’s idea:
And the company responsible, Vivaeros Special Products, describes it as “a precious vaginal fragrance filled into a small glass phial” … Huh?

The TV Ad:

The Print Ad:
See the picture above. Got it?

The Website:
Vulva’s website is called Smell Me and Cum , but actually words are a little played –> www.SmellMeAnd.Com (get it?)

The Effect on Men:
The VSP Company believes there are “Vulva Maniacs” that are crazy for the smell of a vulva! Oh, come on … No way !! Really!!
Check this:

That guy smelling and stealing the bike seat… :) )
Come on, men don’ t do that!!!

That is the craziest Product Marketing I ‘ve ever seen!