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2010 Parteeeeeeeeeyy!!!

One: Baby, don’t you know? I ‘ve been awaiting for this New Eve Party all my life!

Two: There ‘s no reason why… I shouldn’t be in it ! :) :) :)

Three: I know dancing on the sealing !! ;) Do ya?

Four: We have snow, We have fun, Let’s enjoy the party time !

Five: Are you Human? Or are you Dancer ???

Six: I am the President of The State of Happy Beautiful People !!!

Seven: And I LOVE YOU! And You! And You, And You !…. :D

Eight: Comrades!!! Engage PARTEY !!!

Nine: Kill the 2009 !

Ten: KISS the 2010 !!! HAPPY NEW YEAR !

Today… is a New Day !

I’ve left the past to hate me and future to dare challenging me !

“Your future depends on many things, but mostly on you.”  ~Frank Tyger


Hard Winter :D

I love snow, everything comes alive when colored in white! It makes me thinking of drawing in snow! :) Just like a big white paper waiting for the artist…
The snow falls of last week are remembering me of my childhood.


20% more people die on Mondays! :) )

Researchers in Scotland found that 20% more people DIE of heart attacks on Mondays than any other day of the week.

They concluded that HAVING TOO MUCH FUN OVER THE WEEKEND combined with THE STRESS OF GOING BACK TO WORK was probably the blame ! :)

So, don’t work too much on Mondays ! YOU CAN DIE OF HEART ATTACK ! ;) )

The Sexy Winter: Gifts, Snow, Blink-blinks, Parties, Happy Beautiful People! ;)

I had a dream ! –> :) )
Yes, I did wish a winter like the one about to come over me now! I do not oppose. :)


I ‘ve been promised by Santa … that I should have received a special gift this year.
Maybe I was nice and didnot upset him, maybe it was my turn, maybe this was a gift I should have received long time ago… It doesn’t matter, it has my name on it and it is NICE PACKED .
And nothing compares to it.


God is the DJ ! This winter especially, I see lot of snow to fall!
There will be so much FUN on the slopes!!!!


Right, like never before, Xmas preparations were launched since November. Probably to cope with the crisis and make people feel a little bit of love.
I’ve also started earlier this year, lights are on, Xmas tree is up!

AND : I have a Special Xmas Tree this year, it is the first I got it right and felt it good! ;)


Well, this New Eve Party might be the most crazy one!
“3, 2, 1 … Happy New Year ! 2010 !” :) )))
Armin Van Buuren, my brother actually, will lead the ceremony!
I’m diving into the “State of Trance” !!

Happy Beautiful People:

We should create a country for us, those looking for good time and enjoying life and exceeding of energy and optimism! (of course, no smokers, no alcohol drinkers, no lazy people, no sad people, no stressed and nervous individuals allowed!) ;) )
We are the power!

Help Me !

I am listening to this song over and over and over and over and over and over… and over again!
What is happening to me?

HELP ! :)

The Perfect Blues Makers –> Fleetwood Mac


Fleetwood Mac was formed in 1967 in city of London by Peter Green, one musician that launched important people like Eric Clapton.
Well, Green called Mick Fleetwood and John McVie and convinced them to join his new unknown band by naming it with a combination of their surnames: Fleetwood Mac.

History of the band is so complex you wouldnot follow it clearly, that’s why it needs maybe a book or a movie! :)

Anyway, enjoy this Release of Fleetwood Mac dated July 1968: ” Need Your Love So Bad “.
Before the lyrics, there are the acoustics, especially the guitar … !

ASOT – A State Of Trance

I admire Armin Van Buuren! Great DJ, Great Mind ! Great Bloody Dutch !

He just created a radio mix show called “A State Of Trance” (ASOT) in March 2001 and million of people were connecting to it soon. He plays new trance music, both commercial and promotional releases. All the plays are new and the show promotes young artists too.

The Show is both Radio and Internet broadcasted and has brought together a community of over 30 million people, chating over the website or subscribing to forums.

“A State Of Trance” is the most popular radio show in the world!
Just an idea of how to do something big with your hobby, right?

I am a fan of it, I think is one of the most successful projects of the music industry for the last century !
You can follow ArmadaMusic Channel on YouTube here: .

And one great release of last month: