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I can’t help dancing this one!

Come on, don’t your feet start to vibrate like going crazy for some … MOVES?? :)
What moves?! THAT KIND OF MOVES !!!

Michael Buble – Save the last dance for me —> F**king great !

Let’s see, how hard can it be even to come up with some instant moves ’cause you don’t know actually to dance?
Show me something, anything. Show me a step, show me a hand rising, make a twist, easy…. feel it…
Snap your hands, be the star, sharp your eyes, make that look! That’s it!

Once you start to try, you definitely get something good out of it!

Tap-Tap-Tap-Tap, Ta-ra-ru-ra-ra… :D

Directia 5 – purely and simply MY GUYS !
Thank you, Boys! I shall contribute to your success somehow… :D

Directia 5 – IN NICIUN CAZ –> song of today !

Heeeei, Lyrics for ” Directia 5 – In Niciun Caz ” HERE:

Am cazut, ma ridic in picioare.
Am pierdut, voi marca in reluare.
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Facebook increases work productivity ! :))


A new study by the University of Melbourne claims that workers who spend up to 20% of their time visiting sites like Facebook or YouTube at the office… are 9% more productive at work than those who don’t ! This practice is known as WILB (Workplace Internet Leisure Browsing).




So, in order to improve productivity , ask your managers for FREE ACCESS TO FACEBOOK !!! :) ) :) )


“And if you wanna just take control,
we can let it go ! ” :D


I must have been coming from another Planet at least.
I don’t understand the people around me. Most of them!

80% of people are WEAK !

10% are STUPID !


and the rest is OK… maybe !

For the Girlz!

Well… You don’t have to look great , but to know how to look good with what you got!

Style is everything!

Yes, Ladies! A small but fine group of men are telling you this! :P

Can you say this lady is a sexy babe? No, you cannot.
Still, she is exquisite. To me at least.  :D

Excellent track of LifeLike & Kris Menace (“Discopolis”… I have to find out the reason they put this title…)