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I don’t bruise SO easily !

Maybe this is one of the best MUSHUP’s ever, at least of Chicane.

Chicane vs Natasha Bedingfield – “Bruised Water”

Chicane – band was born 28 February 1971, England. It is a British electronic dance music act.
Chicane is the artist name for Nick Bracegirdle.
Nicholas Bracegirdle – a British musician, composer and record producer – first attracted attention under the name  Disco Citizens with the Top 40 U.K. hit “Right Here Right Now” in 1995. Changing his alias to Chicane, he reached the British Top 20 in late 1996 with “Offshore.” He later enlisted Clannad’s Maire Brennan for a remake of their 1982 hit “Theme From Harry’s Game” under the title “Saltwater”, which reached the U.K. Top Ten and became an international hit.

But who is Chicane?

  • Keyboards / Programming – Nick Bracegirdle
  • Bass – Carl Holt
  • Drums – Mark Pusey Or Simon Merry
  • Guitar – Simon Small
  • Female vocals – Natasha Andrews

And who is Natasha Bedingfield?

Natasha Anne Bedingfield
(born 26 November 1981) is a Grammy Award-nominared British pop singer and songwriter.

And about the song

I bruise easily“  is a song of Natasha Bedingfield released on 2004 from the album “Unwritten”. In the song, Bedingfield describes how relationships affect people, even when they have come to an end.
The song “I bruise easily” was used in 2008 by Chicane for making this new song ,”Bruised Water“.
“Bruised Water” is a MUSHUP between Bedingfield’s song and Chicane’s 1999 hit “Saltwater”. The song was featured on Chicane’s The Best of Chicane – 1996 – 2008 and was credited as Chicane & Natasha Bedingfield.
Mushup = a song or composition created by blending two or more songs, usually by overlaying the vocal track of one song seamlessly over the music track of another.

This commercial GOT ME !

Lipton Ice Tea with Hugh Jackman – Tokyo Dancing Hotel

This ad got me! I was fan of ice tea’s , used to drink more Nestea, but now I give it all to LIPTON !!! For this commercial!

Music: John Ozila – Funky Boogie !
Who is John Ozila: an “Afro man” living in France.
What album: The album is “Boogie Salsa” from 1979, with a funky tropical disco sound.
The song: “Funky Boogie” is cosmic disco classic music.
Song “Funky Boogie” of John Ozila is HERE:

May I have this dance , please?

Caro Emerald – A Night Like This

Bravo, Romania! Excellent video for Eurovision 2010!

Is the 2010 Eurovision the moment for Romaina? Hope yes, or at least we shall play hard! :)
I have to admit: we have a very good song, good text, good singers, Paula Seling looking good too… and a very interesting video, I have just been surprised about it!

Paula Seling & Ovi – Playing With Fire

Lyrics for Paula Seling & Ovi – Playing With Fire: Continue reading ‘Bravo, Romania! Excellent video for Eurovision 2010!’ »


I go for ideas ! I go for Creativity in everything!

Mi s-a intamplat intr-o zi, va vine sa credeti??

Un tip bate la poarta casei mele. Lucky, Golden Retriever-ul meu, se ridica in doua picioare la gard in fata lui si-i spune:
- Stapanul Dan nu e acasa!
Tipul lesina de spaima si cade pe spate!!! Cand isi revine, il intreaba pe Lucky al meu:
- Pai, daca esti caine, tu de ce nu latri , bai frate ?!?!?!
- … N-am vrut sa te sperii!

Quote of the day

“The fact is, everyone is IN SALES.
Whatever area you work in,
you do have clients
and you do need to sell.”
— Jay Abraham —