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Playing Sport and Doing Business are running together

Is there any connection between sport and business? Yes, there is one! And it’s confirmed also by studies.

Exercises put your brain to learning! But most of all, sport is testing your capabillity of reaching your limits or even to overpass them. Once you learn how to be better in sports, you get the best advantage in assuming risks in business.
Sport is learnig you one big secret: you will succeed only if you try!
Another big lesson you discover by exercises is that you will learn by walking!

And everybody has a favourite sport, just practice it!

It is amazing how your body reacts to exercises and you actually go better and better everytime you push and push for more and more. Today maybe you die after 5 minutes of running with 8 km/h on the trademill. Do it everyday and set your 5 minutes with same speed, no matter. And you ‘ll be surprised of the results.
The only thing you have to fight with is GIVING UP! Just keep doing it!

I know 7 advantages you get when playing sport!

1. Health Benefits!

Yes, you will see and feel better, no doubt! Your heart and lungs will get stronger, your blood and the oxygen will fill your body with adrenaline, your muscles are trained, your fat melts away, your skin is clean because you get your toxin out by perspiration.

2. Stress out!

Stress is not good! It kills body and mind! And your life starts to suffer immediately! By sport, your body release the endorphine (the hormone that makes us feel really good) into the blood. The good mood is installing in your body and your mind and stress is removed! More than that, you get this feeling all day long!

3. Get creative!

Imagine that your mind is never more creative than now! Your good mood is exploding and you feel like you can do lots of things and ideas are popping out like popcorns!

4. Positive attitude!

Now you are feeling good and everybody can see this! Imagine that everybody would like to have a friend like you! So, if you feel like socializing , this is good!

And BE SMART! Play sport by learning everything about what is good for reaching your goal. Be carefull what and when you eat and drink. Set a calendar and a program, rest yourself and … FOCUS on each exercise!

And … PLAY SOME MUSIC! Sport is good with it! Now it is the time to listen your best songs! And you can even create some playlists especially for the exercises you do. Same time, you can use any gadget if you need, like iPads! I know people using to go to spinning and watching movies or reading news while exercising. But not recommended when you really want to get performance! You need focus!

Don’t forget that FASHION is … damn good, too, when you go to gym or your favourite sport! Go check best clothes for you and see that you assort details, ok? :) For example, I adore T-shirts with messages when I go to my club!