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Daca vrei sa fii umilit ca si client…. atunci e pentru tine.

Oribil!!! Lectie de afaceri in Romania… de la familia Zarnoveanu.

Sediu social: Sos. Bucuresti-Ploiesti, nr. 14-22, Ap. 40, Sector 1, 013682, Bucuresti
Sediu secundar: Sos. Pipera – Tunari, nr. 126, 077191 Voluntari-Pipera, Ilfov, Romania … nu recomand! Agreezi cand sa vii sa testezi si sa cumperi o chitara, vii intocmai, dar nu o au… si e de vina clientul ca nu a sunat inca o data sa se asigure… (??)
Spui ca nu ti se pare ok, ca preferai un apel ca sa ti se spuna sa nu vii degeaba, esti invitat sa nu cumperi…. (??)
Si vorbim de produse scumpe totusi…

Am scris pe Facebook-ul lor, au blocat postul.
Am scris pe email, mi-a raspuns Basil Zarnoveanu, cu scuze, dar explicand de ce totusi s-a intamplat…
Le-am spus ca atitudinea celor din magazin e probabil din cauza ca managementul nu ii educa pentru a intelege cum sa abordeze relatia cu clientii, avand in vedere ca vand totusi produse scumpe de nisa…. Nu poti sa pui la punct un client si sa ii spui sa nu cumpere.
Raspunsul a fost ca opinia mea e hazardata.

Cam atat despre cum rezolva Proguitar SRL un client umilit in magazin….

#guitarshop #guitarshopromania #badcustomermanagement

Social Media – nobody is sure, but is working on…

This commercial GOT ME !

Lipton Ice Tea with Hugh Jackman – Tokyo Dancing Hotel

This ad got me! I was fan of ice tea’s , used to drink more Nestea, but now I give it all to LIPTON !!! For this commercial!

Music: John Ozila – Funky Boogie !
Who is John Ozila: an “Afro man” living in France.
What album: The album is “Boogie Salsa” from 1979, with a funky tropical disco sound.
The song: “Funky Boogie” is cosmic disco classic music.
Song “Funky Boogie” of John Ozila is HERE:


I go for ideas ! I go for Creativity in everything!

Quote of the day

“The fact is, everyone is IN SALES.
Whatever area you work in,
you do have clients
and you do need to sell.”
— Jay Abraham —

Quote of the day !

Ask 5 managers and you’ll get 5 different answers… Or 6 if one is an MBA big dick.

New Social Behaviour: Friends With Benefits (or “F*ck Friends”)

F*ck Friends
There is a new attitude that is getting more and more visible into the generations : THE CASUAL SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP !
It is called “Friends With Benefits” (FWB on short) or simply “F*ck Friends” (FF on short) and is adopted by more and more people once that the awareness is increasing on the subject, especially because it is about having sex and because it is supporting the idea of casual sex between friends, like never before (or maybe just hard to admit something like this till now).
And people are supporting anything that helps their miserable lives! Even on short term and not considering consequences.

“Friends With Benefits” emerges from popular culture in the past 20 years or so. Now it is like forming a club! Everybody likes the idea and they start to look for each other, so FWB will attract more and more people and Internet is helping that a lot.

Internet is changing the way information is spread and content is controlled , each generation is getting much faster sexual mature. Why? Because more sexual content in the information we get means getting more and more stimulated ! :) One thing leads to another!


Men and women are more and more indulging in physical relationships.

You can have it anywhere, you can have it anyhow, you can have it anytime… you can have it with anybody… why not a friend since you don’t have to further look for a partner ? Just for fun, right?
And it goes for man with woman, man with man, woman with woman, group sex and so on. Just friends, right?

So, this is the new transformation that our society is going through.
I JUST HAVE TO UNDERSTAND IT ! And to admit it… It is happening . Not a good thing I say. It shows people are weaker and weaker…
And watching and understanding the society we live in is something I like to spend time on it.

Stupid Marketing: Vulva Cologna

That is a new fragrance for women, ok.



A New and Irresistible Vaginal Scent … :) WTF?






The Product:
Well, it looks like women in Germany do need to … “to feel juicy erotic” … and to PRESERVE the intimate scent ! :P Yes, the scent is the original scent of a vulva! :?

The Company’s idea:
And the company responsible, Vivaeros Special Products, describes it as “a precious vaginal fragrance filled into a small glass phial” … Huh?

The TV Ad:

The Print Ad:
See the picture above. Got it?

The Website:
Vulva’s website is called Smell Me and Cum , but actually words are a little played –> www.SmellMeAnd.Com (get it?)

The Effect on Men:
The VSP Company believes there are “Vulva Maniacs” that are crazy for the smell of a vulva! Oh, come on … No way !! Really!!
Check this:

That guy smelling and stealing the bike seat… :) )
Come on, men don’ t do that!!!

That is the craziest Product Marketing I ‘ve ever seen!

The Sexy Winter: Gifts, Snow, Blink-blinks, Parties, Happy Beautiful People! ;)

I had a dream ! –> :) )
Yes, I did wish a winter like the one about to come over me now! I do not oppose. :)


I ‘ve been promised by Santa … that I should have received a special gift this year.
Maybe I was nice and didnot upset him, maybe it was my turn, maybe this was a gift I should have received long time ago… It doesn’t matter, it has my name on it and it is NICE PACKED .
And nothing compares to it.


God is the DJ ! This winter especially, I see lot of snow to fall!
There will be so much FUN on the slopes!!!!


Right, like never before, Xmas preparations were launched since November. Probably to cope with the crisis and make people feel a little bit of love.
I’ve also started earlier this year, lights are on, Xmas tree is up!

AND : I have a Special Xmas Tree this year, it is the first I got it right and felt it good! ;)


Well, this New Eve Party might be the most crazy one!
“3, 2, 1 … Happy New Year ! 2010 !” :) )))
Armin Van Buuren, my brother actually, will lead the ceremony!
I’m diving into the “State of Trance” !!

Happy Beautiful People:

We should create a country for us, those looking for good time and enjoying life and exceeding of energy and optimism! (of course, no smokers, no alcohol drinkers, no lazy people, no sad people, no stressed and nervous individuals allowed!) ;) )
We are the power!

ASOT – A State Of Trance

I admire Armin Van Buuren! Great DJ, Great Mind ! Great Bloody Dutch !

He just created a radio mix show called “A State Of Trance” (ASOT) in March 2001 and million of people were connecting to it soon. He plays new trance music, both commercial and promotional releases. All the plays are new and the show promotes young artists too.

The Show is both Radio and Internet broadcasted and has brought together a community of over 30 million people, chating over the website or subscribing to forums.

“A State Of Trance” is the most popular radio show in the world!
Just an idea of how to do something big with your hobby, right?

I am a fan of it, I think is one of the most successful projects of the music industry for the last century !
You can follow ArmadaMusic Channel on YouTube here: .

And one great release of last month: