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Happy Easter!

Quote of the day !

Ask 5 managers and you’ll get 5 different answers… Or 6 if one is an MBA big dick.

Good Joke for a grey day

A Russian guy on the Heathrow airport, at the arrivals desk: “Occupation?” “No, just visiting.”

Crash Test Range Rover

This is the reason I have chosen this car:

NCAP result for Land Rover Range Rover : 4 starts !

If you want to be safe in your car, do not buy Hummer H3 for example, which is the poorest.
The best in safety is Nissan Murano , but nobody likes that car .

De considerat! DESPRE FRUCTE !

Un reportaj foarte bun marca ProTV (ca de obicei), si prezentat elegant de Oana Cuzino.
Iata o informatie care ma intereseaza: despre fructe.

New Social Behaviour: Friends With Benefits (or “F*ck Friends”)

F*ck Friends
There is a new attitude that is getting more and more visible into the generations : THE CASUAL SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP !
It is called “Friends With Benefits” (FWB on short) or simply “F*ck Friends” (FF on short) and is adopted by more and more people once that the awareness is increasing on the subject, especially because it is about having sex and because it is supporting the idea of casual sex between friends, like never before (or maybe just hard to admit something like this till now).
And people are supporting anything that helps their miserable lives! Even on short term and not considering consequences.

“Friends With Benefits” emerges from popular culture in the past 20 years or so. Now it is like forming a club! Everybody likes the idea and they start to look for each other, so FWB will attract more and more people and Internet is helping that a lot.

Internet is changing the way information is spread and content is controlled , each generation is getting much faster sexual mature. Why? Because more sexual content in the information we get means getting more and more stimulated ! :) One thing leads to another!


Men and women are more and more indulging in physical relationships.

You can have it anywhere, you can have it anyhow, you can have it anytime… you can have it with anybody… why not a friend since you don’t have to further look for a partner ? Just for fun, right?
And it goes for man with woman, man with man, woman with woman, group sex and so on. Just friends, right?

So, this is the new transformation that our society is going through.
I JUST HAVE TO UNDERSTAND IT ! And to admit it… It is happening . Not a good thing I say. It shows people are weaker and weaker…
And watching and understanding the society we live in is something I like to spend time on it.

Stupid Marketing: Vulva Cologna

That is a new fragrance for women, ok.



A New and Irresistible Vaginal Scent … :) WTF?






The Product:
Well, it looks like women in Germany do need to … “to feel juicy erotic” … and to PRESERVE the intimate scent ! :P Yes, the scent is the original scent of a vulva! :?

The Company’s idea:
And the company responsible, Vivaeros Special Products, describes it as “a precious vaginal fragrance filled into a small glass phial” … Huh?

The TV Ad:

The Print Ad:
See the picture above. Got it?

The Website:
Vulva’s website is called Smell Me and Cum , but actually words are a little played –> www.SmellMeAnd.Com (get it?)

The Effect on Men:
The VSP Company believes there are “Vulva Maniacs” that are crazy for the smell of a vulva! Oh, come on … No way !! Really!!
Check this:

That guy smelling and stealing the bike seat… :) )
Come on, men don’ t do that!!!

That is the craziest Product Marketing I ‘ve ever seen!

Tot aici, Niciodata, N-am plecat, Niciodata

Varianta necenzurata, Parental Control Advised!  :)

I’m not alone! :D

Looking for the great mp3 of MIXOFRENIA FEAT. ALINA CRISAN – YOU’RE NOT ALONE?
You can download it HERE! (click!)


Mixofrenia is a Romanian Project of DJ G.ReeP¬† and Andi (who is Andi?? ) . They released an album called “Loungin’ Under Moderate Light” in December 2009, together with Alina Crisan and Marian Ganescu (@ saxophone).

This is DJ G.Reep (also ProFM DJ, as I was told):

And this is Alina Crisan , the girl that sang with ASIA, that blonde the band was organizing a TV casting to select for.
She was PlayBoy Bunny and also had some love stories with Poponet , aka Codin Maticiuc (iiiihhhh), a very low showing-off Romanian star.






The play: You’re Not Alone! (Remix)

The play is great, althought hard to get it over Internet, YouTube doesnot have it, but I had the surprize to download it from They promoted the album and offered for free the whole album.

Dear friends, I can share it with you now right here!
Download it and have fun!
This play… made my day!

The Lyrics here:
In a way its a, a matter of time
I will not worry for you, You’ll Continue reading ‘I’m not alone! :D ’ »