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Service rapid pentru reparatii telefoane Nokia

Daca ai nevoie sa repari repede un telefon Nokia, dar repede si bine, acum exista Nokia Care Center.

Unde se afla Nokia Care Center?
Nokia Care Centre este situat în Bucure?ti, Strada Grigore Alexandrescu Nr. 59.
Programul de func?ionare este de luni pân? sâmb?t?, între orele 10:00-20:00.

Gama de servicii oferite de Nokia Care Centre include serviciul de repara?ii standard, serviciul de repara?ii post-garan?ie, serviciul de reciclare Nokia, servicii de suport Nokia Care, inclusiv activarea serviciilor Nokia ?i vânz?ri de accesorii Nokia. Odat? intra?i în Nokia Care Centre, utilizatorii vor primi asisten?? pentru aplica?ii Nokia, pe care le vor putea testa, printre acestea num?rându-se ?i aplica?ii binecunoscute precum h?r?i, muzic?, mesagerie ?i jocuri.

Ce sa zic, chiar la timp, mi-am busit ecranul de la Nokia E 72 luat de curand… si nu pot fara mobil!

Bravo, Nokia! Maine sunt acolo sa vad ce si cum, sper sa fie exact cum pare. Adica pare bine!

Mai bine va duceti la Service Orange (chiar si daca aveti telefon Vodafone, dar sa nu fie in garantie la Vodafone). Cei de la Nokia Care Center sunt f draguti, dar … nu le merge sistemul de facturare, deci … nu te pot ajuta… INCA.

Subject of present times!

Lady Gaga -  Alejandro !

How many things I can say about the subject of this play!! Lots and lots and lots of comments!
And who else could better talk about it if not one of the most bold and unconventional artist of this time…?
Great lyrics! But also great video for this play !

Ok, if this song would have been of another new artist, probably wouldn’t break any bilboard chart. But the name of Lady Gaga made it a HIT !

And I loooove the way they are dressed in this video!

Here some comments about the new release of Lady Gaga – Alejandro:

Looking a bit NOT Gaga-style
“Alejandro” is controversial and polarizing–no Gaga video would be complete without a little shock value–but by Gaga standards, this video is actually almost downright tame, and this time, she isn’t dancing with cans of Miracle Whip or disco sticks or hats fashioned out of princess phones. This time, there seems to be a message behind Gaga’s madness. Will people listen to what she has to say? Regardless, this is yet another Lady Gaga video that will be impossible to ignore. – Yahoo! Music

Looking a bit Madonna-style
There are a number of other cultural references that slip out of “Alejandro” (Gaga clearly enjoys the work of film director Fritz Lang), but even the gun-barrel-sporting bra she wears at the end could be mistaken for that conical top Madonna made famous during the Blonde Ambition Tour. Of course, “Alejandro” director Steven Klein has worked as a photographer for Madonna over the past few years, so it’s quite possible that these are merely the influences he has picked up while working with her. But if Gaga really is making an attempt to define herself as a next-gen Madonna who also pays homage to her elders, then there are worse paths to follow.
–  MTV

What is Lady Gaga saying about it?
The video is a “celebration and an admiration of gay love — it confesses my envy of the courage and bravery they require to be together.”
… Hm…!

What is the second (maybe main) message ?
We are living modern times , when people use people, love is not a reason to dedicate your life or yourself to somebody else, everybody is replaceable and nobody owns anything to anybody in love … just like in business :) .
So, just enjoy the present time together. You are NOW important, tomorrow you have to understand you ‘re maybe not … :)
So, don’t call my name! I am not your Babe. Take care of yourself and leave me alone. Like in war, like in the army: shut up and bare ! :)

Here are the lyrics for Lady Gaga – Alejandro:

I know that we are young,
And I know that you may love me,
But I just can’t be with you like this anymore,

She’s got both hands
In her pocket Continue reading ‘Subject of present times!’ »

What a Dancing !

Keo feat. Ralflo – Give Me Your Love

Well, the lady dancing so incredible in the video is Flavia ! Definitely she is a PRO in dancing, you can see this! But ofcourse , she has high school for dancing, she was performing 4 years for Romanian Opera and 3 years extending her learnings at London. This explains very well the perfect dance she performs in last video of Keo.