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Great play for a full weekend!!

Example – Kick starts !
You gonna like this song and the play from second 1!


Example (b. 20 June 1982 as Elliot John Gleave) is a British singer and rapper. His pseudonym arose due to his initials being e.g. which is a common abbreviation for “for example”.







And yet another video , of last year, but still great:

Example – Won’t Go Quietly

The Perfect Blues Makers –> Fleetwood Mac


Fleetwood Mac was formed in 1967 in city of London by Peter Green, one musician that launched important people like Eric Clapton.
Well, Green called Mick Fleetwood and John McVie and convinced them to join his new unknown band by naming it with a combination of their surnames: Fleetwood Mac.

History of the band is so complex you wouldnot follow it clearly, that’s why it needs maybe a book or a movie! :)

Anyway, enjoy this Release of Fleetwood Mac dated July 1968: ” Need Your Love So Bad “.
Before the lyrics, there are the acoustics, especially the guitar … !

My kind of music … and video! :)

Shake it up!
Rock the cradle of love!
I am rediscovering old stuff that made me … what I am now!
I ain’t nobody’s full!

Watch it in High Definition! And CHANGE SOMETHING RIGHT NOW, TONIGHT! :)