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Love ‘n’ Hate!

Cee Lo Green – Fuck you


DJ Project feat. Giulia – Regrete

Who is DJ Project?

DJ Project is Romanian band, set in Timisoara in 2000, by DJ Gino Manzotti (Handke Giuseppe) and DJ Maxx (Florea Ovidiu Nicolae).

They went very successfully and had lot of albums:

2009 – In the club

2007 – Doua anotimpuri

2006 – Povestea mea

2005 – Soapte

2004 – Lumea ta

2002 – Spune-mi tot ce vrei

2001 – Experience

Who is Giulia?

Giulia Anghelescu (borned Nov. 7th, 1984, in Galati) is a Romanian singer. She was part of the band called Candy.

Her first step on the stage was at 6 years old, in a kids show, Tip Top Minitop, so she has the show biz in the blood, right?
In 1995, she released a first album on tape recorded with Adrian Ordean and Mihai Ochiu.

1998, she was TV presenter for a youth show. Same time, she entered into “Scoala Vedetelor” (School of VIPs). She was also setting a band with Monica Andrei and Andreea Antonescu (future well-known singers too), but it did not work out.
In 2000, she met Laurentiu Duta, old friend and famous producer already, and she is told to join a trio, Candy. This band is actually her most important success in the show biz.
2002, she moved to Bucharest and graduated “Gheorghe Lazar” College .
After that, she also graduated Sociology and Psychology at “Spiru Haret”.
2004, Giulia left Candy and went solo, launching her first album called “Giulia” on Nov 7th 2004, same day with her birthday.
2004-2008 – TV & Radio presenter for Prima TV and Kiss FM.
2006, 2nd album: “Butterflies” (“Fluturi”). She collaborated with DJ Project for “First Night” and with Marius Nedelcu for “Rain”.
2008,  3rd album: “First Step” (“Primul pas”)
2009, she participated in “I dance for you” (“Dansez pentru tine”) where she got 1st place! She is a very good dancer!

Great play for a full weekend!!

Example – Kick starts !
You gonna like this song and the play from second 1!


Example (b. 20 June 1982 as Elliot John Gleave) is a British singer and rapper. His pseudonym arose due to his initials being e.g. which is a common abbreviation for “for example”.







And yet another video , of last year, but still great:

Example – Won’t Go Quietly