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Good Joke for a grey day

A Russian guy on the Heathrow airport, at the arrivals desk: “Occupation?” “No, just visiting.”

I’m not alone! :D

Looking for the great mp3 of MIXOFRENIA FEAT. ALINA CRISAN – YOU’RE NOT ALONE?
You can download it HERE! (click!)


Mixofrenia is a Romanian Project of DJ G.ReeP  and Andi (who is Andi?? ) . They released an album called “Loungin’ Under Moderate Light” in December 2009, together with Alina Crisan and Marian Ganescu (@ saxophone).

This is DJ G.Reep (also ProFM DJ, as I was told):

And this is Alina Crisan , the girl that sang with ASIA, that blonde the band was organizing a TV casting to select for.
She was PlayBoy Bunny and also had some love stories with Poponet , aka Codin Maticiuc (iiiihhhh), a very low showing-off Romanian star.






The play: You’re Not Alone! (Remix)

The play is great, althought hard to get it over Internet, YouTube doesnot have it, but I had the surprize to download it from They promoted the album and offered for free the whole album.

Dear friends, I can share it with you now right here!
Download it and have fun!
This play… made my day!

The Lyrics here:
In a way its a, a matter of time
I will not worry for you, You’ll Continue reading ‘I’m not alone! :D ’ »

For the Girlz!

Well… You don’t have to look great , but to know how to look good with what you got!

Style is everything!

Yes, Ladies! A small but fine group of men are telling you this! :P

Can you say this lady is a sexy babe? No, you cannot.
Still, she is exquisite. To me at least.  :D

Excellent track of LifeLike & Kris Menace (“Discopolis”… I have to find out the reason they put this title…)

Uuups, I did it again! This time: Poiana Brasov (Postavarul)

Difficult to ski in Poiana Brasov, down on Postavarul. It is not like Austrian or Swiss slopes, this one is difficult because of poor investment in quality.
But I shall not rest in peace till I get a downhill in 10 minutes! Which is a BIG TARGET! :)

I am working on it, so yesterday… I DID IT AGAIN !!

Click the pictures to see more, or click HERE to Gallery.

Interesting also the adventure of driving to Poiana Brasov…

@ SKI = This is My Church!

Hell, Yeah! First Ski in 2010 ! Sinaia, Valea Dorului, January 15!

Ski in Sinaia

2010 Parteeeeeeeeeyy!!!

One: Baby, don’t you know? I ‘ve been awaiting for this New Eve Party all my life!

Two: There ‘s no reason why… I shouldn’t be in it ! :) :) :)

Three: I know dancing on the sealing !! ;) Do ya?

Four: We have snow, We have fun, Let’s enjoy the party time !

Five: Are you Human? Or are you Dancer ???

Six: I am the President of The State of Happy Beautiful People !!!

Seven: And I LOVE YOU! And You! And You, And You !…. :D

Eight: Comrades!!! Engage PARTEY !!!

Nine: Kill the 2009 !

Ten: KISS the 2010 !!! HAPPY NEW YEAR !

The Sexy Winter: Gifts, Snow, Blink-blinks, Parties, Happy Beautiful People! ;)

I had a dream ! –> :) )
Yes, I did wish a winter like the one about to come over me now! I do not oppose. :)


I ‘ve been promised by Santa … that I should have received a special gift this year.
Maybe I was nice and didnot upset him, maybe it was my turn, maybe this was a gift I should have received long time ago… It doesn’t matter, it has my name on it and it is NICE PACKED .
And nothing compares to it.


God is the DJ ! This winter especially, I see lot of snow to fall!
There will be so much FUN on the slopes!!!!


Right, like never before, Xmas preparations were launched since November. Probably to cope with the crisis and make people feel a little bit of love.
I’ve also started earlier this year, lights are on, Xmas tree is up!

AND : I have a Special Xmas Tree this year, it is the first I got it right and felt it good! ;)


Well, this New Eve Party might be the most crazy one!
“3, 2, 1 … Happy New Year ! 2010 !” :) )))
Armin Van Buuren, my brother actually, will lead the ceremony!
I’m diving into the “State of Trance” !!

Happy Beautiful People:

We should create a country for us, those looking for good time and enjoying life and exceeding of energy and optimism! (of course, no smokers, no alcohol drinkers, no lazy people, no sad people, no stressed and nervous individuals allowed!) ;) )
We are the power!

President Elections: “Mircea Geoana Presedinte in Suedia !” :))

Dear God,

So far this year you have taken away:
- my favorite dancer Michael Jackson
- my favorite actor Patrick Swayze
- … and my favorite singer Stephen Gately
- … and my favorite actress Farah Fawcett
- … and my favourite Romanian actors Gheorghe Dinica and Nicu Constantin.

Just so you know:
my favorite politician is
Mircea Geoana.


See a picture with the man:

The Exciting campaign movie of Mircea Geoana President of Sweden … HERE :
… wait to load , it is worthing !!  :)))))))))

Great Tennis Time in November!


Thank You, God!
Excellent time for tennis in the middle of November… and great mood for it! I ‘ve just loved it!

Agigea Shots