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I am ALIVE !

Off-Road Adventure in Bacau, near Racaciuni, on a God-knows-where track, on May 16th, 2010.
My car was about to roll down a hill while trying to drive it up on a very muddy off-road. Lucky me, there was a tree that hanged my car into it and didn’t leave it to fall into a deep valley.
We were 4 in the car, 2 were happy with the adventure but still not intending to do it again ! :)

This is the day I have tested my luck and it was there!

Uuups, I did it again! This time: Poiana Brasov (Postavarul)

Difficult to ski in Poiana Brasov, down on Postavarul. It is not like Austrian or Swiss slopes, this one is difficult because of poor investment in quality.
But I shall not rest in peace till I get a downhill in 10 minutes! Which is a BIG TARGET! :)

I am working on it, so yesterday… I DID IT AGAIN !!

Click the pictures to see more, or click HERE to Gallery.

Interesting also the adventure of driving to Poiana Brasov…

Ma apuca groaza… Filmul intreg al unui Schior ingropat de avalansa ! Socant!

Imi place la nebunie sa schiez si astept cu nerabdare sezonul de schi!
Dar frica de orice eveniment nefericit cand practici acest sport, asa cum il practic eu, te insoteste tot timpul.
Ador sa schiez cu viteza si pe portiuni mai izolate, off-slope. Eu mai schiez si singur decat cu prieteni.
M-a socat insa acest film cu schiorul american ingropat de avalansa , in care se aude si se vede tot, de la modul in care a inceput avalansa si cum a fost acoperit, la cum incerca sa respire si sa strige, la cum il apuca panica si disperarea… TOT!
Omul si-a inregistrat accidentul cu camera instalata pe casca lui.
Interesant cum isi manifesta bucuria cand e gasit de prieteni si dezgropat din zapada.
Stiti care a fost norocul lui? I-a ramas o mana afara, exact cat manusa de schi, atat cat sa se vada unde e. Altfel era complicat sa fie gasit si probabil avea sa moara in max. 15 min. de hipotermie.