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Crazy Winter Off-Track 4×4 Experience !! Hell, YES !

Yes, crazy enough to take a route to Belgrade that was not on GPS map and not even indicated as regular way to Belgrade! Just a feeling :) )
But we said: Adventure? Hell , Yes!
And it was just 6:30 in the morning, too dark to see around …

Enjoy the pics of a crazy experience we had in Serbia during January 27-28, 2010.
And: this was the TEST for my 4×4! It passed! :)
Actually the whole story , from Bucharest to destination and back.
Bucharest – Pitesti – Craiova – Drobeta Turnu Severin – Gura Vaii – some cities in Serbia (could not remember names) – Belgrade – Naidas – along Danube to Orsova – Drobeta Turnu Severin – … back ! Just 1.500 km in 2 days, with some heavy snow falls .

Later Edit: I ‘ve just found out that Allianz insurance doesn’t cover damages in Serbia…!!! :) ) Well, lucky us we didn’t need it! :) )

Uuups, I did it again! This time: Poiana Brasov (Postavarul)

Difficult to ski in Poiana Brasov, down on Postavarul. It is not like Austrian or Swiss slopes, this one is difficult because of poor investment in quality.
But I shall not rest in peace till I get a downhill in 10 minutes! Which is a BIG TARGET! :)

I am working on it, so yesterday… I DID IT AGAIN !!

Click the pictures to see more, or click HERE to Gallery.

Interesting also the adventure of driving to Poiana Brasov…