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I like handwatches

Yes, I should say something about it, since I’ve collected so far more than 20 pieces of watches. And still counting :) .

New Arrival:
Tommy Hilfiger Mason Black Croc

This is my new acquisition in terms of hand watches. It is from the new collection of Tommy Hilfiger.

Hand band is of Crocodile … Hm!

But it has 3 subdials: date, day of week… and day/night !! :)
See the 3rd subdial which shows the sun. Well, in the night it shows the moon… Nice, interesting idea.

More than that, I just find the logo of Tommy Hilfiger very elegant generally speaking, now I ‘ve been lucky to see a man hand watch that crashed my heart from the first sight!

Design is actually in trend, rectangular face rulz! :)