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Fastening my seatbelt!

On the way to China again, just spending 5 hours in Schiphol Airport of Amsterdam thinking of good and bad things in my life… Or just anxious to board on the KLM flight.
Should you need an interesting vacation, plan one to China or you definitely loose something. At least I enjoy their food a lot, so will you.

Bulgaria … or “Romania 10 years ago”

I have just visited again Bulgaria, for business, by car. HERE ARE THE PICS!
Last time I was in 2007, but only to Sunny Beach for vacation (simple and very ok tourism services).

I loved what I saw, this country is like a younger brother of Romania, going on same track as we did: killing any local production, making people to loan their lives to banks, teaching ”the west dream”… and just preparing to be a very nice consumer of the multinationals !
For sure Bulgaria is developing very interesting and growing and growing constantly, more markets are now opening and political environment is from far better.
Investments are popping in Bulgaria more and more, not because its current market volume but because is heading to be important in volume at one moment, probably starting with 2015.
Although there are only 7,5 million Bulgarians so far…

I liked its people, very open , they really do appreciate Romanians as well.
Girls are wonderful :) … look here who’s Miss Bulgaria 2009:
Antonia Petrova.

More info
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