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I think that there is a new generation of DJ’s, people that are really thinking so open-the-box!
Not only that bloody song is so great, not only that anyway TRANCE is blowing my mind away, not only that PROGRESSIVE TRANCE is (what I consider ) A GOOOOOD THERAPY , not only that most of people do not understand me or/and my music, not only that TRANCE is getting mixed with lot of things in my life (sports, especially ski these days :) ) … but now I find myself so interested in DISCOVERING THE SOUNDS . The HIDDEN SOUNDS.

Take this for example: Danilo Ercole – That Same Song Again !

Ask me for the HIGH DEFINITION MP3, ’cause I have it!
And then LISTEN THE SONG to a GOOD STEREO (at least 2 different speakers! High and low frequency ).
And close eyes and try to DISCOVER ALL SOUNDS BEHIND THE MUSIC ! :)
There are many, believe me!!

Call me when you UNDERSTAND what I am talking to you here, ok?