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How to drink Kung Fu Tea ! (Exclusive Video)

Chaozhou is the place that came up with the Kung Fu Tea (2000 years ago , during Song Dynasty I think) and also the ritual of how to drink it! It is a kind of ESPRESSO , with a very strong taste, it is recommended especially to smokers.

See here Mr. Li providing an exclusive demonstration on the Kung Fu Tea Ritual, only for us!
(C) Copyrights to Me, Sep-9-2009 :)

Usually, you should play also Chinese music too… :)

Xie Xie!

Old City Center of Chaozhou… and some history

CHAOZHOU – 214 B.C. during Qin Dynasty.

Dialect of its own! Chaozhou Dialect, by which the Chaozhou culture conveys, is considered as one of the oldest Chinese dialects . It is spoken by about 10 million people in local Chaozhou and approximately 2-5 million overseas.

People: Today it has around 2,5 million people. Not a big city for China, only maybe for Europeans! :)
Chaozhou has a history of many reach people. After 1950, many of them ran to Hong Kong due to comunism and set a very strong community there. They were good at running small businesses. In the 1960s, almost every “rice store” (grocery stores for dried food and uncooked rice) in Hong Kong were owned by “Chiu Chow Loun” (“person from Chaozhou” in local dialect).
And they are very religious. Incense burning is a symbol of consecration to the Gods and seeking their blessing. Every 1st and 15th of the lunar month, temples are filled with people coming to burn incense to their deity.
Old people don’t like foreigners, so it is better to avoid them since they will start to argue with you, maybe a little agressive.

Kung Fu Tea (say “kung fu chia” ) , the “espresso” of Chinese teas with a formidable kick, which was first sipped back in the Song Dynasty, is still flourishing and remains an important part of social etiquette in Chaozhou.  Though it tastes bitter when it first reaches your mouth, it is the lingering aftertaste that makes Kung Fu Tea probably the most charming tea culture in China. Drinking Kung Fu tea is in fact a process of aesthetics rather than a solution to thirst. It is recommended especially to smokers!
I put here something about the way they drink Kung Fu Tea!

The Ming city wall! Well, it is a 2.6 km long wall that protected the Old City. Special post HERE!

Jiadixiang – The ANCIENT FAMILY HOUSES , the old city center of Chaozhou too. This you have to see! Because here you will find old China.

Guangji Bridge of Chaozhou, China

As the saying goes: "A trip to Guangdong is not complete if you did not visit Chaozhou, and a trip to Chaozhou is not complete if you missed Guangji Bridge", Guangji Bridge is a must-visit site for visitors to Chaozhou.

It is the first floating bridge in the world!

Guangji stone bridge was constructed in 1171 during the Song Dynasty and it had a nick name of "Xiangzi Bridge". With a history of more than 800 years, it was initially formed as a pontoon bridge 86 huge ships. After several times of construction and renovation, it became a uniquely structured bridge in 1513 during the Ming Dynasty, with 24 piers and 18 shuttle ships. The Bridge serves as a passage for pedestrians usually, and at scheduled occasion the connected shuttle-ships are open for other ships to pass. Guangji Bridge is an exceptional case in the Chinese bridge history as it combines the structure of a pontoon bridge, column bridge and arch bridge.

Here it is an album with this excelent piece of the Chinese history .
Pictures made on 9 Sep 2009.

Great escape!

This time was completely better! I had a great time in China during Sep 6-14, I have visited Chaozhou and… I liked it!

Here it is a fast-forward album of my last travel in China.

Hope you will like them like I do. And maybe you plan to visit China as well, soon. :)

But I need to post another 3 albums separatelly because they are special:


 Ming City Wall of Chaozhou



Old City Center of Chaozhou



Guangji Bridge .



Coming soon!