Facebook, YouTube, Twitter not available in China! Good or Bad ? :)

Well, you cannot access Facebook in China! Or not yet.
Same for You Tube or Twitter. (and many more, like some online publishing newspapers…)

I assume blocking these websites has to do with the strategy of China government to control the social networks where some discussions can come to affecting its interest in controlling the information inside the country.

And YouTube is full of Tibet issues , right? :)

And Facebook is just one click from subscribing to a movement… China sure doesn’t want that, too many subjects on the freedom.

Twitter is more dangerous, everybody can input live comments in real-time… China needs time to check it before posting anything online, right?



But, my question is:


I am not against Chinese, only that I don’t like the way most of them are behaving…
So I think I will enjoy the time being till China will go free on Facebook too.

Then for sure I will have contact request from China, my wall will look different, comments too…

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