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How to Reduce and Manage Stress

  1. The most obvious way to reduce the stressors in your life is to really take a look at your current lifestyle. Are you eating healthy and nutritiously and living a well-balanced lifestyle that includes regular active exercising and physical activity? Try to eliminate caffeine in your diet; it is a stimulant that can increase anxiety and stress on your body. Also eliminate nicotine and alcohol if possible, or at least keep consumption to a minimum. It is about living in harmony with both your internal and external environments.
  2. Learning relaxation techniques will help you to reduce and cope with anxiety and stress. Visualization and breathing techniques are easy and fast to learn and to incorporate into your daily routine. They can be done anywhere, at home or in your office at your desk. Use nature in your surroundings by decorating your home or office with lots of plants or objects from nature. Using music or nature sounds such as water or bird recordings will help to create a soothing surrounding that can help reduce stress and anxiety.
  3. Learning the technique of meditation will help you to calm your inner being and your mind, and will actually give your brain a “mental vacation” and enable you to find some rest and peace. Most of the time we live such rapid and hectic lives and we place such enormous mental stress on our bodies and minds that we find ourselves overworked and our brains conditioned to being overactive; we literally don’t know how to rest our minds and find any inner peace. Meditation will help you regain control of your “peace of mind,” and this in turn will help you to reduce your stress levels, think more clearly, function more efficiently and be happier.
  4. Learn to communicate and talk about your problems. Family, friends and professional healthcare givers are a good support network to help you handle your anxiety and stress. There are many online sites that will help you handle stress and online groups that you can join in order to chat with others who are experiencing stress and anxiety.
  5. Learn to change your thought and conditioned behaviors. Eliminate negativity in your life and try to become more positive and open to the options available for handling your stress.
  6. Money is often a major source of stress in peoples’ lives. Learn ways to handle your finances so you are able to cope with any situations that might occur. Learn to save on a monthly basis and have enough for at least a three month-reserve. Keep a budget and don’t overspend.