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Crazy Winter Off-Track 4×4 Experience !! Hell, YES !

Yes, crazy enough to take a route to Belgrade that was not on GPS map and not even indicated as regular way to Belgrade! Just a feeling :) )
But we said: Adventure? Hell , Yes!
And it was just 6:30 in the morning, too dark to see around …

Enjoy the pics of a crazy experience we had in Serbia during January 27-28, 2010.
And: this was the TEST for my 4×4! It passed! :)
Actually the whole story , from Bucharest to destination and back.
Bucharest – Pitesti – Craiova – Drobeta Turnu Severin – Gura Vaii – some cities in Serbia (could not remember names) – Belgrade – Naidas – along Danube to Orsova – Drobeta Turnu Severin – … back ! Just 1.500 km in 2 days, with some heavy snow falls .

Later Edit: I ‘ve just found out that Allianz insurance doesn’t cover damages in Serbia…!!! :) ) Well, lucky us we didn’t need it! :) )