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A “VOICE” discovered by X Factor in UK, in 2009: OLLY MURS

I had the pleasure this morning to drive to office with a very nice music in my car! As soon as I had time, I tried to learn who’s the voice owner . Checked the lyrics on you tube and this is how I got to meet Mr. Olly Murs! And his story surprised me, this 2 years artist had no school or professional training for singing!

He loves football and even played for a small team, lately before X factor working as customer service representative in a call center.

Olly didn’t win @ X Factor 2009, but he had made a very good impression and … Robbie Williams invited him to sing together! Wow, that is luck!

So, Mr. Murs became famous , more people liked him and … he signed a contract with Epic Records and here it is a first album, “Thinking of me”.

The debut single, “Please don’t let me go”: