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Let’s forget about the crisis :)

“Turabo, Sis!” or “Fratelli, Baby!”… Some good people that I know and trust their tastes were saying these.

Well, I had to check it, so I ‘ve decided to somehow jump into the night life of the city.
Too much time since I ‘ve been missing dancing in clubs, althought I was good dancer I think :) )

But, believe it or not, curiosity led me to try it more than dancing!
People are now facing such a historical crisis, do they still party?


So, I have took a sample of Turabo last night. Not that I liked it so much, but there are plany to update on the subject.
So I’ve decided to go also this night :) )

Especially because THIS IS THE NIGHT !

Today News… with Daria-Ioana!

Daria-Ioana (9 years and 8 months old) presenting TV news ! :) , occasioned by the Cellebration of 550 years History of Bucharest City, event that took place during September 12-20, 2009. She is 3rd grade @ European School of Bucharest (SEB).

don’t laugh :)