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I am ALIVE !

Off-Road Adventure in Bacau, near Racaciuni, on a God-knows-where track, on May 16th, 2010.
My car was about to roll down a hill while trying to drive it up on a very muddy off-road. Lucky me, there was a tree that hanged my car into it and didn’t leave it to fall into a deep valley.
We were 4 in the car, 2 were happy with the adventure but still not intending to do it again ! :)

This is the day I have tested my luck and it was there!

“I believe I can fly…”

Some people are extraordinary from many points of view.
Especially these guys:

They are doing something I dreamed on when I was a kid!
The only action I managed to reach it was to follow the “Henri Coanda” Aeronautical High School in Bacau, that’s it!
Because after the ’89 Revolution (I was 9th grade at that time), everything went bad and there was no money for aviation to support training for pilots… so I switched to Economics…
Question : What would have happened if I riched my dream?

(Later Edit) I forgot to mention about 2000-2003, when I was often flying with small planes at Strejnic , near Ploiesti. I think I still have pictures somewhere…