China @ the turn of 20th century! Vintage Photos

I have just discovered some great photos of Shanghai, China, dated between 1850 – 1950, just at the turn of the centuries!

Here are some great pictures of daily activities Chinese were doing 100 years ago. Incredible how fast China moved from a primitive poor country to the biggest economy it is today.

Enjoy the pics, great to know if you like them. Click on the photos below to go to Album.

About Slav Peshev, Coffee Trade Bulgaria. DANGEROUS BUSINESS!

I will never do business with Bulgarian people, ever again!
Really dangerous for business! They cheat, lie, anything to avoid paying or respecting contracts!

the biggest ayer, dangerous man, slav peshev, coffee trade


This man, Slav Peshev, is not paying the goods he orders and is telling incredibly many lies and very relaxed !

Slav Peshev is moving from a company to another, he is opening and closing business after business.
Slav Peshev is selling so many bullshits, no one ever had this much from a businessman !!
This guy can create a monster example of how to steal , hot to lie, how to pretend , how to do business with no business principles !!

We did business with one of the companies of Slav Peshev, FORTUNA 7-97, now we have problems because we cannot get our money ! This guy is signing with false stamps and tells huge lies !
If you think you can do business with Slav Peshev, you definitely lost your money !

And this person is bringing so much shame in the Doncafe name in Bulgaria.
For any more details on Slav Peshev, please contact us at

A “VOICE” discovered by X Factor in UK, in 2009: OLLY MURS

I had the pleasure this morning to drive to office with a very nice music in my car! As soon as I had time, I tried to learn who’s the voice owner . Checked the lyrics on you tube and this is how I got to meet Mr. Olly Murs! And his story surprised me, this 2 years artist had no school or professional training for singing!

He loves football and even played for a small team, lately before X factor working as customer service representative in a call center.

Olly didn’t win @ X Factor 2009, but he had made a very good impression and … Robbie Williams invited him to sing together! Wow, that is luck!

So, Mr. Murs became famous , more people liked him and … he signed a contract with Epic Records and here it is a first album, “Thinking of me”.

The debut single, “Please don’t let me go”:

Social Media – nobody is sure, but is working on…

Happy “Dragobete” Day !

Dragobete is a traditional Romanian holiday, celebrated on February 24. Dragobete was the son of Baba Dochia.

The day is known as “the day when the birds are betrothed”. It is around this time that the birds begin to build their nests and mate. On this day, considered locally the first day of spring, boys and girls gather vernal flowers and sing together. Maidens used to collect the snow that still lies on the ground in many villages and then melt it, using the water in magic potions throughout the rest of the year. Those who take part in Dragobete customs are supposed to be protected from illness, especially fevers, for the rest of the year. If the weather allows, girls and boys pick snowdrops or other early spring plants for the person they are courting. In Romania, Dragobete is known as a day for lovers, rather like Valentine’s Day.

It is a common belief in some parts of Romania that, during this celebration, if you step over your partner’s foot, you will have the dominant role in your relationship. Dragobete customs vary from region to region.

Business Quotes for 2011

Hello, 2011 !! I DARE YOU !!


When it’s snowing …

… you stay with your Teddy Bear… Mmmmm…

Instant STAR during match break!

The last guy you would put on the list of VIP’s for a match break! :) )

Love ‘n’ Hate!

Cee Lo Green – Fuck you