Talking with Guru’s

I was so surprised to have the chance of talking with 2 millionaires, in the midnight, in the darkness of an small airport in China (Hefei).

How did it happen? They were so full of discussing with Chinese, just because I was an European they enjoied talking with me.
So, there we were!

It is not much to say, maybe I was so impressed because of the chance of an “international business chat” in the last location I would have ever imagined.

It was Walter Huang, from Taiwan (~ 65 yo), which had the initiative of our chat, and Jack Mnatsakanian (~50 yo) that followed into our discussion.
Walter just sold 2 Taiwanies companies producing mobile phone parts to Sharp and now he ‘s staying in US doing politics, very close to Bush which is proud to say they take lunch together form time to time (maybe not so often and not so close as he said) – pictures where available imediatelly, him together with Bush.
Jack, is Armenian, but he left country many years ago, now him and his family are managing a wide tea business in US, mainly suppling from China and India. How is the business with tea in US? I think great…! Americans are drinking more and more tea as I know.

My share was of positioning as a very young entreprenour, with lack of resources but with lot of ideas.
Is it fair? It is life.

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