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Great escape!

This time was completely better! I had a great time in China during Sep 6-14, I have visited Chaozhou and… I liked it!

Here it is a fast-forward album of my last travel in China.

Hope you will like them like I do. And maybe you plan to visit China as well, soon. :)

But I need to post another 3 albums separatelly because they are special:


 Ming City Wall of Chaozhou



Old City Center of Chaozhou



Guangji Bridge .



Coming soon!

I’ve just met again My Guru!

There is a person I have to thank for some of the good things I experienced in life. For example to have the chance of doing great projects together, while woking with Henkel.
This is Theresia Streiter and I ‘ve just met her yesterday after so many years.

My kind of music … and video! :)

Shake it up!
Rock the cradle of love!
I am rediscovering old stuff that made me … what I am now!
I ain’t nobody’s full!

Watch it in High Definition! And CHANGE SOMETHING RIGHT NOW, TONIGHT! :)