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Subject of present times!

Lady Gaga -  Alejandro !

How many things I can say about the subject of this play!! Lots and lots and lots of comments!
And who else could better talk about it if not one of the most bold and unconventional artist of this time…?
Great lyrics! But also great video for this play !

Ok, if this song would have been of another new artist, probably wouldn’t break any bilboard chart. But the name of Lady Gaga made it a HIT !

And I loooove the way they are dressed in this video!

Here some comments about the new release of Lady Gaga – Alejandro:

Looking a bit NOT Gaga-style
“Alejandro” is controversial and polarizing–no Gaga video would be complete without a little shock value–but by Gaga standards, this video is actually almost downright tame, and this time, she isn’t dancing with cans of Miracle Whip or disco sticks or hats fashioned out of princess phones. This time, there seems to be a message behind Gaga’s madness. Will people listen to what she has to say? Regardless, this is yet another Lady Gaga video that will be impossible to ignore. – Yahoo! Music

Looking a bit Madonna-style
There are a number of other cultural references that slip out of “Alejandro” (Gaga clearly enjoys the work of film director Fritz Lang), but even the gun-barrel-sporting bra she wears at the end could be mistaken for that conical top Madonna made famous during the Blonde Ambition Tour. Of course, “Alejandro” director Steven Klein has worked as a photographer for Madonna over the past few years, so it’s quite possible that these are merely the influences he has picked up while working with her. But if Gaga really is making an attempt to define herself as a next-gen Madonna who also pays homage to her elders, then there are worse paths to follow.
–  MTV

What is Lady Gaga saying about it?
The video is a “celebration and an admiration of gay love — it confesses my envy of the courage and bravery they require to be together.”
… Hm…!

What is the second (maybe main) message ?
We are living modern times , when people use people, love is not a reason to dedicate your life or yourself to somebody else, everybody is replaceable and nobody owns anything to anybody in love … just like in business :) .
So, just enjoy the present time together. You are NOW important, tomorrow you have to understand you ‘re maybe not … :)
So, don’t call my name! I am not your Babe. Take care of yourself and leave me alone. Like in war, like in the army: shut up and bare ! :)

Here are the lyrics for Lady Gaga – Alejandro:

I know that we are young,
And I know that you may love me,
But I just can’t be with you like this anymore,

She’s got both hands
In her pocket Continue reading ‘Subject of present times!’ »

Go Pro! Be a Hero!

Eeeeee-e-e-e-e-nergy Boooo-o-o-o-o-o-o-st !!!

Camera for sports ! Exactly what I am now looking for!
I love this gadget ! Go Pro HD! I take 2!
And I love what these guys are doing here!

Happy Man’s Day !

Today, May 5th, Romania is celebrating Man’s Day. Of course, no woman is taking it seriously in any way, maybe because man is not so important when is to celebrate something about him! :) )

I was thinking all the morning what was the perfect song for a man’s day.

Nothing else, but this:

Frank Sinatra – My Way

Happy Man’s Day, Man!
That is for you and me! :)

Lyrics here: Continue reading ‘Happy Man’s Day !’ »

May I have this dance , please?

Caro Emerald – A Night Like This

Quote of the day !

Ask 5 managers and you’ll get 5 different answers… Or 6 if one is an MBA big dick.

New Social Behaviour: Friends With Benefits (or “F*ck Friends”)

F*ck Friends
There is a new attitude that is getting more and more visible into the generations : THE CASUAL SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP !
It is called “Friends With Benefits” (FWB on short) or simply “F*ck Friends” (FF on short) and is adopted by more and more people once that the awareness is increasing on the subject, especially because it is about having sex and because it is supporting the idea of casual sex between friends, like never before (or maybe just hard to admit something like this till now).
And people are supporting anything that helps their miserable lives! Even on short term and not considering consequences.

“Friends With Benefits” emerges from popular culture in the past 20 years or so. Now it is like forming a club! Everybody likes the idea and they start to look for each other, so FWB will attract more and more people and Internet is helping that a lot.

Internet is changing the way information is spread and content is controlled , each generation is getting much faster sexual mature. Why? Because more sexual content in the information we get means getting more and more stimulated ! :) One thing leads to another!


Men and women are more and more indulging in physical relationships.

You can have it anywhere, you can have it anyhow, you can have it anytime… you can have it with anybody… why not a friend since you don’t have to further look for a partner ? Just for fun, right?
And it goes for man with woman, man with man, woman with woman, group sex and so on. Just friends, right?

So, this is the new transformation that our society is going through.
I JUST HAVE TO UNDERSTAND IT ! And to admit it… It is happening . Not a good thing I say. It shows people are weaker and weaker…
And watching and understanding the society we live in is something I like to spend time on it.

Stupid Marketing: Vulva Cologna

That is a new fragrance for women, ok.



A New and Irresistible Vaginal Scent … :) WTF?






The Product:
Well, it looks like women in Germany do need to … “to feel juicy erotic” … and to PRESERVE the intimate scent ! :P Yes, the scent is the original scent of a vulva! :?

The Company’s idea:
And the company responsible, Vivaeros Special Products, describes it as “a precious vaginal fragrance filled into a small glass phial” … Huh?

The TV Ad:

The Print Ad:
See the picture above. Got it?

The Website:
Vulva’s website is called Smell Me and Cum , but actually words are a little played –> www.SmellMeAnd.Com (get it?)

The Effect on Men:
The VSP Company believes there are “Vulva Maniacs” that are crazy for the smell of a vulva! Oh, come on … No way !! Really!!
Check this:

That guy smelling and stealing the bike seat… :) )
Come on, men don’ t do that!!!

That is the craziest Product Marketing I ‘ve ever seen!

Tap-Tap-Tap-Tap, Ta-ra-ru-ra-ra… :D

Directia 5 – purely and simply MY GUYS !
Thank you, Boys! I shall contribute to your success somehow… :D

Directia 5 – IN NICIUN CAZ –> song of today !

Heeeei, Lyrics for ” Directia 5 – In Niciun Caz ” HERE:

Am cazut, ma ridic in picioare.
Am pierdut, voi marca in reluare.
Da … Continue reading ‘Tap-Tap-Tap-Tap, Ta-ra-ru-ra-ra… :D ’ »

Facebook increases work productivity ! :))


A new study by the University of Melbourne claims that workers who spend up to 20% of their time visiting sites like Facebook or YouTube at the office… are 9% more productive at work than those who don’t ! This practice is known as WILB (Workplace Internet Leisure Browsing).




So, in order to improve productivity , ask your managers for FREE ACCESS TO FACEBOOK !!! :) ) :) )


“And if you wanna just take control,
we can let it go ! ” :D