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Stupid Marketing: Vulva Cologna

That is a new fragrance for women, ok.



A New and Irresistible Vaginal Scent … :) WTF?






The Product:
Well, it looks like women in Germany do need to … “to feel juicy erotic” … and to PRESERVE the intimate scent ! :P Yes, the scent is the original scent of a vulva! :?

The Company’s idea:
And the company responsible, Vivaeros Special Products, describes it as “a precious vaginal fragrance filled into a small glass phial” … Huh?

The TV Ad:

The Print Ad:
See the picture above. Got it?

The Website:
Vulva’s website is called Smell Me and Cum , but actually words are a little played –> www.SmellMeAnd.Com (get it?)

The Effect on Men:
The VSP Company believes there are “Vulva Maniacs” that are crazy for the smell of a vulva! Oh, come on … No way !! Really!!
Check this:

That guy smelling and stealing the bike seat… :) )
Come on, men don’ t do that!!!

That is the craziest Product Marketing I ‘ve ever seen!

The Sexy Winter: Gifts, Snow, Blink-blinks, Parties, Happy Beautiful People! ;)

I had a dream ! –> :) )
Yes, I did wish a winter like the one about to come over me now! I do not oppose. :)


I ‘ve been promised by Santa … that I should have received a special gift this year.
Maybe I was nice and didnot upset him, maybe it was my turn, maybe this was a gift I should have received long time ago… It doesn’t matter, it has my name on it and it is NICE PACKED .
And nothing compares to it.


God is the DJ ! This winter especially, I see lot of snow to fall!
There will be so much FUN on the slopes!!!!


Right, like never before, Xmas preparations were launched since November. Probably to cope with the crisis and make people feel a little bit of love.
I’ve also started earlier this year, lights are on, Xmas tree is up!

AND : I have a Special Xmas Tree this year, it is the first I got it right and felt it good! ;)


Well, this New Eve Party might be the most crazy one!
“3, 2, 1 … Happy New Year ! 2010 !” :) )))
Armin Van Buuren, my brother actually, will lead the ceremony!
I’m diving into the “State of Trance” !!

Happy Beautiful People:

We should create a country for us, those looking for good time and enjoying life and exceeding of energy and optimism! (of course, no smokers, no alcohol drinkers, no lazy people, no sad people, no stressed and nervous individuals allowed!) ;) )
We are the power!

ASOT – A State Of Trance

I admire Armin Van Buuren! Great DJ, Great Mind ! Great Bloody Dutch !

He just created a radio mix show called “A State Of Trance” (ASOT) in March 2001 and million of people were connecting to it soon. He plays new trance music, both commercial and promotional releases. All the plays are new and the show promotes young artists too.

The Show is both Radio and Internet broadcasted and has brought together a community of over 30 million people, chating over the website or subscribing to forums.

“A State Of Trance” is the most popular radio show in the world!
Just an idea of how to do something big with your hobby, right?

I am a fan of it, I think is one of the most successful projects of the music industry for the last century !
You can follow ArmadaMusic Channel on YouTube here: .

And one great release of last month:

“Everybody is crying in this city !”

Articol preluat din Ziarul Financiar, autor Sorin Paslaru:

New York City. The City. Nimic din Europa nu este comparabil cu marele oras, unde nu se vede soarele de zgarie-norii din Manhattan. Nici zgomotul infundat, de linie de productie care patrunde prin ferestrele definitiv inchise de la etajul 20 al hotelului, nici multimile care ies de la metrou umpland trotuarele ora de ora ca de la un meci de fotbal, nici masinile gigant, ca niste mini-autobuze, cu care merg americanii la servici.

Everybody is crying, dar nimeni nu se plange. Iar daca o face, o face in soapta.
“It’s so bad”, sopteste o profesoara de 60 de ani din Tennesse, venita la New York pentru o conferinta despre leadership. “Aici nu se vede criza, aici sunt multi turisti. Dar mergeti inauntrul Americii sa vedeti situatia reala. America trece printr-o implozie (US is experiencing an implosion – engl.). Intelegeti despre ce vorbesc? Explodeaza in ea insasi. Tinerii nu au de lucru. Oamenii isi parasesc casele.”

Inainte de ’89, romanii vorbeau in soapta cu strainii (sau nu vorbeau deloc) despre viata de zi, de frica Securitatii. Profesoara din Tennessee vorbeste in soapta de frica sa nu-si piarda jobul. Cine are un job in zilele acestea in America tine cu dintii de el. Nu-si da numele, cum nici vanzatoarea de la Bolton’s nu a vrut sa si-l dea. “Sper ca nu o sa-mi faci greutati.” Profesoara vorbeste despre saraci si bogati, vorbeste despre bancherii “lacomi” ajutati de stat. Dar nu au fost dintotdeauna saraci si bogati? “Ba da, dar clasa medie putea sa traiasca. Acum se Continue reading ‘“Everybody is crying in this city !”’ »

My Top Sexiest Halloween Costumes ! Oh, yeah!

Somebody just told me that I should post some more “interesting” content so you can forward me to friends. So, I am trying a viral! Let’s see how many of you like the post and actually SEND TO FRIENDS (!!).

So, here is my favourite TOP Sexiest Halloween Costumes right here, in the order:


Bulgaria … or “Romania 10 years ago”

I have just visited again Bulgaria, for business, by car. HERE ARE THE PICS!
Last time I was in 2007, but only to Sunny Beach for vacation (simple and very ok tourism services).

I loved what I saw, this country is like a younger brother of Romania, going on same track as we did: killing any local production, making people to loan their lives to banks, teaching ”the west dream”… and just preparing to be a very nice consumer of the multinationals !
For sure Bulgaria is developing very interesting and growing and growing constantly, more markets are now opening and political environment is from far better.
Investments are popping in Bulgaria more and more, not because its current market volume but because is heading to be important in volume at one moment, probably starting with 2015.
Although there are only 7,5 million Bulgarians so far…

I liked its people, very open , they really do appreciate Romanians as well.
Girls are wonderful :) … look here who’s Miss Bulgaria 2009:
Antonia Petrova.

More info
Here you have more info about this country: Continue reading ‘Bulgaria … or “Romania 10 years ago”’ »


1 DAY !










D                 O                                   N                 O                 T                                   A                 S                 K










Prietena mea draga Vivi lanseaza azi o carte!

Spectacolul poeziei in teatrul lui Eugene Ionesco!” - Vasilica Oncioaia
AZI, 17:00, Sage Cafe, Iasi.

Bafta , Vivi!

Din blogul ei:

Spectacolul poeziei in teatrul lui Eugene Ionesco. Vineri, 16 octombrie, la ora 17.00.
N-o sa fie multa lume. Asta e si ideea pentru care mergem la cafe barul vestit in Tirgul Iesilor prin…micimea spatiului, cartile din biblioteca de linga toaleta, studentii care cinta la pianina sau la vioara, ceara care curge tihnit peste luminari in serile in care te opresti sa bei un ceai mai bun decit ai visat la mama acasa; patronul care nu vrea sa faca reclama cafe barului, ci doar vinde ceai si cafea intr-un fel memorabil, care viseaza sa aiba timp pentru a scrie o carte; dar nu acesta e motivul pentru care gazduieste lansarea unor carti din cind in cind, ci convingerea lui ca in felul acesta da ceaiului pe care il vinde o aroma in plus.:)
Intre doua runde de discutii – nu mai mult de zece minute fiecare – voi rosti ziceri celebre ionesciene din Cintareata cheala, in frantuzeste si in romaneste, in dialog improvizat cu jazzul lui Romeo Cozma. In runda a doua a discutiilor pomenite vorbeste Bogdan Ulmu, profesor, regizor, umorist, culmea – mai mereu trist si nervos – despre cartea mea, sper! Evenimentul acesta coloreaza un Colocviu National Ionesco la Iasi, este ideea mea, cu marele merit de a fi fost aprobata si cu participarea unui muzician vestit prin bucuria de a improviza. Abia astept sa ne dam in spectacol! —> Vasilica Oncioaia